Anxiety & panic attacks

Is your life ruled by anxiety?

Everybody worries and gets anxious from time to time, but if you feel constantly tense and on edge, or you suffer from panic attacks, you probably want to do something about it.  

That might particularly be the case if your worry comes with all the physical symptoms of anxiety, which can be so uncomfortable.

Top Tips on How to Deal with Anxiety:

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Do you regularly experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Butterflies in your stomach and feeling sick
  • Needing to go to the toilet frequently, indigestion and stomach cramps
  • Shaking and feeling short of breath
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Heart beating faster, sweating
  • Feeling light-headed and faint
  • Difficulty concentrating and sitting still
  • Unable to think clearly and logically
  • Imagining the worst that could happen
  • Finding it hard to make decisions
  • Loss of appetite
  • Having trouble sleeping

You may feel anxious about specific situations, or you may find yourself constantly worrying more generally about the future, your job, your health, family members or a host of other things.  Either way, if your anxiety is affecting you physically or you’re avoiding doing certain things because of it, now could be a good time to get help.

Never ignore anxiety or panic attacks

If you’ve had a panic attack for the first time, always go to see your G.P. for a check-up.  And don’t ignore anxiety. 

We get anxious for a reason and if you try to disregard it, it may just get stronger until you pay attention to it.  It may simmer under the surface and be triggered when you’re tired or stressed.  That may mean that the root cause is less obvious and you end up feeling overwhelmed by what seems like irrational worrying.  It may even show up in physical signs like recurring headaches or backache, as you hold tension in certain parts of your body.

How can hypnotherapy help overcome anxiety and panic attacks?

Relaxation is the key  One of the best things you can do to overcome anxiety and panic attacks is learn to relax properly – a forgotten skill in our society.  Hypnosis is relaxing in itself and I also always teach clients effective relaxation techniques that they can use for themselves whenever they want.

Self-help for panic attacks  If you get panic attacks, there are some tried and tested techniques I can teach you, which will help you take control of those powerful physical sensations that can be so alarming.  You’ll have so many more tools to help you than just breathing into a brown paper bag.

Take control of your thoughts  Most of all, hypnotherapy will focus on helping you to think realistically and more positively.  When you’re anxious, you overestimate the problem facing you and underestimate your ability to cope with it.  Hypnotherapy helps you to think in a more balanced way, so you become much more confident and relaxed about what life might throw at you.

If your anxiety also causes you sleep problems, you might like to look at the Insomnia page.

Are you ready to reduce your worry, anxiety and stress?

Imagine what it would be like to go from day to day feeling calm and relaxed, confident that you can take life in your stride, that you can cope with whatever comes your way.  With hypnotherapy, you’ll learn how to transform your negative thinking and worry, so you don’t trigger the physical symptoms of anxiety that can be so distressing.  You’ll learn how to relax both your body and your mind – a vital skill for maintaining wellbeing in this stressful world.

To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks, contact Anne Williams.

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Here’s what past clients have said:

“I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Anne. She used a variety of techniques during the sessions, as well as hypnosis, which were very beneficial and reflect her vast experience and wide skill set. The hypnosis has allowed me to overcome a fear that I have suffered with for 30 years and also helped me to increase my self-awareness and self-confidence.

The hypnosis recordings Anne provided allow me to ‘top up’, if I ever feel the need, which is a great on-going self-help tool. Anne has helped me to take control of my fears and to change negative beliefs that had built up over time, which to me is priceless, as I feel the benefits of it every day.”

Louise Tassell, Reflexologist and Optimal Health consultant

“I just thought I’d let you know that [my daughter] had some mock exams at school last week and felt so much better about the whole process. No panics, no stomach upsets, slept well……! Thank you so much”.

Mother of a teenager I worked with to help overcome extreme nervousness of taking her GCSEs

Sessions with Anne helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and to live in the moment, as opposed to pre-empting and worrying about what could happen. I am now more positive when going in to work meetings and social occasions. I’m a lot calmer and can focus more at work. In social situations, I’m more relaxed and don’t think so much about ‘what if’.

L. M., IT Office Support

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